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The Jewels of the Jungle

Visit the most exotic and wildest side of Poema del Mar where you will be able to find stunning species crossing our Mississippi river, venture into the Amazon and let yourself be blinded by the Jewels of the Jungle. You are bound to love it, seeing everything from the smallest of animals to 9 metre-long crocodiles.


Unique species

In the Reef - Beach, you will find Mangroves, reefs, meadows and much more. Here you will be able to discover unique species such as the loggerhead turtle, blacktip reef shark, jellyfish and seahorses while also enjoying a unique environment and habitat.

Deep ocean

Navy blue

The deep seas hide striking species that live at the bottom of the ocean. Poema del Mar is a unique chance to discover the different varieties and their main characteristics.


Poema del Mar academy

Discover the characteristics and interesting facts about the different species of fish, amphibians, invertebrates and reptiles in our online encyclopaedia. In addition, a teacher can do guided tours to highlight the habitats and threats of each species.

Plan your visit

Visit three spectacular environments

Choose the means of transport that you will use to come to Poema del Mar. Take a look around our facilities and enjoy delicious cuisine at our restaurants while you admire the wonders of the seabed, the next best thing to being able to plunge deep into the ocean for real.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Poema del Mar - Aquarium

Right in the capital of Gran Canaria, Poema del Mar can be found in an idyllic location, both for visitors coming from other destinations and residents nearby. After your visit, you can enjoy the centre of the capital and see the incredible landscape that this beautiful island has to offer.