The best Zoo in the world

Loro Parque has the largest reserve of parrot species and subspecies in the world. In addition, it houses more than 40,000 aquatic animals, terrestrial animals and birds.


Animal world

Loro Parque has displays of parrots, sea lions, dolphins and killer whales where you can discover even more about the wonders of each of these species.



Since 1994, Loro Parque has worked hard on conservation, research and education in relation to biodiversity and animal welfare through its Loro Parque Foundation project. With a total investment of 23 million dollars since it started, Loro Parque Foundation carries out its work in different countries around the world


An unforgettable experience

For young children, Loro Parque has Kinderlandia, an exclusive space where they will be able to enjoy the jungle, climb lush trees and play on the swings. As if that wasn’t enough, they will be able to enjoy an adrenaline-pumping and fun-filled trip on the Orca Train.

Plan your visit


Loro Parque has a wide range of restaurants for all tastes and ages. There are also various shops inside the park so you can buy lots of different products. And, if that wasn’t enough, for the most inquisitive minds, Loro Parque offers a Premium ticket so you can enjoy the Discovery Tour and take a look behind the scenes.


Loro Parque

Sustainability and a commitment to the environment are two of Loro parque’s fundamental pillars. Its facilities are among the best in the world in terms of quality, technological innovation and environmental management. Beyond its facilities, Loro Parque works hard to find clean ways of producing the energy consumed there.