The method for a healthy life

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I loved this experience - in addition to losing a few extra kilos I have returned home with new healthy habits to maintain throughout the year.

Mary Sisley

With this program I have regained the well-being and peace of mind that I needed. My stress has decreased a lot and the personalised attention has been perfect.

Helmut Ratfan

I thought it was impossible to lose weight whilst eating such delicious meals but in this hotel they succeed. Gourmet cuisine, luxury care, exercise and relaxation and I have returned home with my goal accomplished. I will come again, without a doubt.

Sven Aaberg

I needed to reset my body and mind and start from scratch. I chose the Slim & Wellness programme and it was really spot on. It lives up to its promises and you return home much better than you expected, very relaxed, stress-free and with a better figure whilst enjoying your food.

Erika Labendz